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All about the Good Vibes Music Fest!

What a day! The good vibes, the people, the accessibility, the music, the vendors, the sponsors and food trucks – everything we hoped for and more! Who doesn’t love a day full of live music created just to have fun alongside deaf/hard-of-hearing friends who are experiencing music too!?

Some may ask what makes it different?  We’re so glad you did!
The stage is set, lights are on, volume turned up and we’re good to go.. not so much. The Good Vibrations Music Festival adds an extra touch to include people often left out by noise. The visual component is what makes deaf accessibility happen – with on-stage interpretation, live captioning, t-coiling, a light up dance floor that synced to the live music, wearable audio technology in the form of backpacks and straps that transform the bass of the live music to be felt individually and a sound wave that bounced to the pitch of the musicians, made a day like September 29th, 2018 a dream for all.

Not only were the deaf/HOH festivalgoers included, which we count as a win, but the hearing community experienced first hand the need for inclusion and awareness on how to do so. Seeing old and new friends connect, hug and converse via ASL or spoken language, was watching our dreams come true. Bridging the gap between the two worlds, deaf and hearing, is something Aid the Silent strives to build.

No doubt this day would have happened without some amazing organizations and people behind them, rooting for a cause – / / / / / / / / / and MANY more!!

Shout out to our people for trekking to the Sunken Garden Theater for some good tunes, grub, fun and supporting benefiting nonprofit Aid the Silent. We’re so glad you did.. and we miss you already! We hope you make plans to come see for yourself the fun that is the GOOD VIBRATIONS MUSIC FEST 2019.


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