Mary E. Dickson – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology Specialist (Deaf)

Mary E. Dickson serves as the contracted Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology Specialist 8a for Communication Access Ability Group Funded by HHSC/Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and serves 28 counties in the Upper South Texas. Mary’s profession of serving Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, total 8+ years. Mary served as Interpreting Coordinator and Case Management from 2004-2006 LIFE/RUN Independent Living Center. Mary served as Deafness Resource Specialist from 2009-2015 LIFE/RUN Independent Living Center and CSD of TX Funded by DARS/Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS).

Mary was born and raised in San Antonio, and grew up with a hearing loss. Her hearing loss was diagnosed at 3 years of age. Mary enjoys the friendly people and nice atmosphere in her region area. She looks forward to developing new personal and professional relationships.

The activities involve in the Deaf community. Deaf Music Director for Oakwood Baptist Deaf Mission in Lubbock, TX for 5 years. President for DeaFirst – non-profit organization (Deaf Awareness Week) in Lubbock , TX for 4 years + Treasurer for 2 years. Treasurer for South Plains Association of the Deaf in Lubbock, TX for 2 years. Volunteer in the Deaf community in San Antonio in variety events. Volunteer interpreting as one-on-one for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing throughout the years.