Free Tools and Resources for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children/Teens

We believe it is crucial to be able to communicate, wheather by speech or ASL. Since our inception, Aid the Silent has had amazing opportunities to hear heartfelt stories. Everyone should be given the same opportunity to personally grow and succeed. We raise the necessary funds to provide HOH/deaf children/teens the tools and resources to help them find personal success.

Free Tools and Resources for DEAF/HOH Children and Teens

Tools and Resources

Through community donations, Aid the Silent will be able to
provide the deaf and hard-of-hearing with equipment
and services such as: Hearing aids, FM systems, ASL lessons
(family or individual), and Speech therapy.


To be eligible for sponsorship, Aid the Silent requires all applicants are:
– Between the ages birth and 22 years old (while in high school)
– Medically diagnosed with hearing loss
– Must prove financial need


Contact us to find out if you are eligible!