Deafness as a disability

I recently stumbled upon a question I was asked months ago and thought I would share. I’m sure there are many people out there that feel this way at some point.

Q: Do you ever feel people treat you like you are disabled or don’t take you seriously, and how do you deal with that?
Emma: Weekly, I could listen or over-read into certain encounters. Yet, the choice is mine whether or not to take that as my identity. I used to believe every ounce of being “disabled,” but now I know my lack of being able to hear is my story to proclaim against that label for others.

I know that people just don’t know about my deafness and are curious to know more. Now, I see people’s questions and curiosity as an opportunity to share my story and truth over the situation. I have forgiven people of the past and the ones who will come, because I was first forgiven.

In love and in grace, you change people’s hearts and by being open, you invite others into the authenticity.

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