Donates marketing and print services, as well as office space and employee salaries.

Donates clinic services to our deaf/HOH applicants, event sponsorships and connections between ATS and area businesses.

Donates interpreting services for several ATS events. Their involvement has made all events fully deaf/hard-of-hearing accessible.

Provides real-time captioning for our events and is a service partner for our Deaf Education and Deaf Ministry programs.

Financially supports awareness through Aid the Silent, as well as event sponsorships and donates products to our international deaf/HOH applicants.

Corporate Partners

What is a corporate partner?

A company that is looking to help raise awareness about Aid the Silent through a month-long customer-focused relationship through percent-back fundraiser, donation boxes, employee donations, etc. contributing a minimum overall donation of $1,500 while bringing in patronage to the hosting business. Every month, a single company will be the featured Company Partner of the month driving Aid the Silent supporters to the host business through the ATS website and social media outlets.


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