ATS partners with foundations to help children in our community.

Kens 5’s Mi Casa Community program awarded ATS with funds to help deaf youth.

The HEB Tournament of Champions has graciously supported our Deaf Resources program through financial assistance.

We work with local nonprofits that focus on serving the special needs community and bringing equality and accessibility to individuals.

We partner with foundations that value the same principles as we do—working closely to do the most good in our community.

We work with others who share the same philosophy to serve the most people in our state.

We strive to be examples of God. We work with churches and ministries to help the deaf/HOH community.

We partner with local foundations that seek to serve the community they live in. By working closely with such, we’re able to impact our towns tenfold.

We partner with area organizations whose focus is on children in the community.

We partner with foundations that share our mission to serve our community.

We collaborate with area churches to help bring the Gospel of Christ to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Giving Partners

What is a giving partner?

Foundations and organizations that value helping the community have generously supported Aid the Silent through financial means. It is through their support and generosity that we are able to further assist those in need.


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More than 180 employees make up the AT&T North technicians team. Each month, team members donate a portion of their paychecks to Aid the Silent.

Through Enterprise’s community outreach, we have been able to assist a deaf child in need through their generosity.

What is a employee giving?

Any company, large or small, has the opportunity to make a huge impact in the lives of children around the country. Through our Employee Giving partner program, an Aid the Silent team member will speak on behalf of the organization and its goals. Employees of the company will have the opportunity to donate to Aid the Silent through a bi-monthly or monthly basis. The business will also have the opportunity to match employee’s donations for the most impact. Participating companies’ logos will be displayed on ATS website.


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