In Stillness

The moment I take out my hearing aids, I am in stillness and silence. I see mouths moving and feel a faint mumble of voices. In the stillness, I am often met by Jesus and He speaks loudly as I tune out the world’s noise. I have to remove the middle man that causes chaos to reach the Author’s truth. Physically, I can tune out the world’s noise but emotionally and spiritually, it is a more difficult task.

I have to remove the barriers, the places that cause me to lend a ear to other than Jesus’ voice. He has much better things to say! The lies, past hurt and damage. Present sins, distance and circumstances. All these seek to distract me from a solid place of Jesus. If I remove what I’m listening to other than Jesus, then I hear Him clearly and steadfastly in order to respond Kingdom-Minded to my circumstances, damage and barriers.

“Be still, and know that I AM God…” (Psalm 46:10)

-Emma Faye Rudkin | Founder Aid the Silent

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