• Patricia G.

    "She is so happy. It was amazing to see her hear sounds she never could hear, finally being able to hear her own voice clearly and the sound of cars passing by. I never realized she couldn't hear all those sounds. Thank you so very much for you and this organization. It is a blessing to my family and all others who need you. Thank you.” – Patricia G.

  • Cassie’s momI got hearing aids!

    If you could only see her today.  It has been a blessing for sure.  I never knew she couldn't hear certain things that we take advantage of everyday.  The look in her eyes when she hears a new sound she could never hear before.  I took her back to school after getting the hearing aides and I look forward to hearing all her stories tonight.  This is huge.  I am so grateful for everything you have done.  Words just can't describe it.  All day its just been tears of joy for me.  She can hear like everyone else now.  She can eat dinner with us tonight and be able to hear everything we say.  That has never happened.  I have attached her picture with her doctor.


    Thank you again,


    Misty Izaguirre (Cassie’s mom)

  • AngelaThank You Aid the Silent for opening up our world to greatness!

    Hello, my name is Angela, and I have two daughters Spirit and Faith. My oldest daughter Spirit is six years old and deaf. With her being deaf we have had to overcome a lot of challenges, including moving from Cincinnati, Ohio to San Antonio, Texas. This was a very big move for us. But Spirit needed the best doctors and community possible.

    On this journey of finding a great deaf community, we found Aid the Silent. This wonderful group of people helped us with learning sign language. With the teacher they provided us, we are learning more than ASL—we as a family are learning how to be a PROUD DEAF FAMILY. We are learning to be advocates for the community. We are learning that knowledge I truly is power. ASL is a language of its own. And with a language of its own comes unity and love within a community.

    I am proud to be a mother of a beautiful Deaf daughter. I am even more proud that I can teach her that she is beautiful and smart and she can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens her. God made her this way and he made her perfect!

    Aid the silent showed me this by sharing their community with us. We will be going to our first deaf concert “Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival” on May 20, 2017.  We will be able to be in fellowship with other deaf families. My daughters will be able to communicate with other children using ASL. Thank You Aid the Silent for opening up our world to greatness!

  • Jhojan was given hearing aidsOur family is blessed to have found the Aid the Silent

    Our family is blessed to have found the Aid the Silent and that Jhojan was given the opportunity to improve his quality of life, school and day-to-day activities with the hearing aids. He is more focused, responds right away when called upon and we are all so grateful for all your help. Thank you. May God continue to help Aid the Silent bless many more children. – Janet

  • Brennen got his hearing aidsWe are so grateful!

    Brennen got his hearing aids yesterday. He did pretty good for his first day. So far the sounds he is amazed by are: His footsteps on the pavement, the crinkle of a granola wrapper, the car tires on the road, the tapping of a pencil on the tale and the sound of himself chewing. Thank you so much for helping this happen.  We are so grateful.

  • I’m going to campHe is looking forward to camp this summer!

    In preschool Kristopher’s speech therapist raised the concern of abnormal speech sounds she couldn’t explain. The ENT found he had very mild loss. This past fall it started to become clear his hearing issues were not mild. Tests showed he had mild to moderate loss. Health tests show his hearing is moderately severe. Genetic testing was done try to find cause of all his hearing loss. We are still waiting on those test results. He is currently adjusting well to his hearing aids. He is looking forward to camp this summer, thanks for helping make it a reality for him.

  • We got assistance with an FM system!Someone from Aid the Silent personally emailed me to make sure our application was complete.

    I heard about Aid the Silent through an interview with Emma Faye Rudkin. I was so impressed with her and so thankful for an organization to help our hearing impaired kids! When my daughter was about to begin first grade I applied for an FM system. Honestly, I was not even sure that I would be contacted. I was so wrong! Someone from Aid the Silent personally emailed me to make sure our application was complete. A few months later we got the great news that we had been approved for assistance with an FM system! We are so thankful and love seeing how much our daughter loves her FM system. She honestly does adore it. We appreciate you, Aid the Silent.

  • I’m getting an FM System!“‘I’m getting an FM System!’ – Words we thought we would never speak.

    When I first stumbled upon Aid the Silent, it was to apply for a sponsorship to possibly receive financial help in purchasing technology related to hearing loss. I thought, why not? After submitting the application and upon receiving the first email that my daughter, Harper, was a candidate for a sponsorship, I couldn’t believe what was happening.  Harper, age 4, has bi-lateral moderate hearing loss with difficulties from auditory neuropathy. An FM system, along with hearing aids, allows her to focus and comprehend language in a noisy environment.
    Our family is very grateful for the generosity of Aid the Silent and its mission and values.  We are so proud to be receiving a partial sponsorship to purchase an FM system. Harper will now have a greater chance at being successful in communicating with the hearing world in which she lives.”

  • AllyI got Hearing Aids!!!

    "I got hearing aids."

    Thank you Aid Th Slient


To be eligible for sponsorship, Aid the Silent requires all applicants send in an audiogram, most recent tax return and the contact info of their audiologist. Considered applicants must be between 2-18 years old and have bilateral hearing loss. More information is available on our FAQ page.
* Additional info needed.

We work with local audiologists, speech therapists and ASL instructors in your hometown to get all qualifying applicants the help they need.

Interested in partnering? Email us at

Device Donors
In addition to monetary donations, we also accept hearing aids and other assistive hearing devices that are new or in good condition and less than 5 years old. All donations are tax deductible. We will work with audiologists to find a qualifying candidate whose level of hearing loss is suitable for the donated device.

Send aids and devices to:

Aid the Silent
34910 IH-10 West #701
Boerne, Texas 78006

Include the value of the device and the name and address of who to send the tax receipt to.