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about aidthesilent

Aid the Silent is a Texas-based nonprofit that helps deaf and hard-of-hearing children and teens receive equal access to opportunity by providing financial assistance to enhance communication methods; gain access to education resources; and to improve their overall health, both mental and physical, that leads to individual growth socially, educationally and spiritually.

aid the silent strives for equality for the deaf community.

Deaf Awareness

Educate the community and promote inclusion and acceptance through full accommodations and accessibility.

Deaf Resources

Provides financial assistance for communication resources such as hearing aids, assistive communication devices, sign language lessons and speech therapy.

Deaf Education

Financially assists deaf educators with classroom accommodations, supplies and equipment, outreach inclusion, and training and conference fees.

Deaf Ministry

Provides funding of deaf youth camper fees, accessibility resources and bi-lingual counselors to faith-based camps. Provides for practical needs for families who are needing additional resources. 

We provide these areas of resources:

  • Hearing aids
  • FM systems
  • ASL lessons (family or individual)
  • Speech therapy
  • Accessibility accommodations
  • Camping experiences
  • Practical needs 

We provide deaf educators these area of resources: 

  • Classroom curriculum
  • Continued Deaf education
  • Loaner hearing aids
  • Additional hearing equipment
  • Field trip accommodations
  • Assistance with language acquisition and literacy

who we help

Aid the Silent assists children 0-22 (still in high school) who have hearing loss through all our programs.


Between the ages birth and 22 years old (while in high school), medically diagnosed with hearing loss, and proven financial hardship.


Educators/administrators of deaf/hard-of-hearing children and teens ages 0–22 (high school completion)

Need more information about our programs? Email us at