Aid the Silent was created to provide information about living in today’s society as a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual, to learn about Jesus, and to inspire people to embrace their differences.
Aid The Silent strives for equality for the deaf community.

What We Do

We raise the necessary funds to provide HOH/deaf children/teens the tools and resources to help them find personal success by providing funds through four divisions: deaf ministry, deaf research, deaf education, and deaf resources.


Why We Do It

Hundreds of children/teens are not functioning at their fullest potential because of lack of resources and funds.  We believe everyone—regardless of disabilities or setbacks—should be given the same opportunity to succeed.


Who We Help

Proceeds collected through donations and fundraising events will go into assisting deaf and hard-of-hearing children/teens.





To be eligible for sponsorships, Aid the Silent requires all applicants send in an audiogram, most recent tax return, and the name and contact info for their audiologist.
*Additional info needed.

We work with local audiologists, speech therapists and ASL instructors to get all qualifying applicants the resources they need.

Device Donors
In addition to monetary donations, we also accept hearing aids and other assistive hearing devices that are new or in good condition. All donations are tax deductible.


"I am going to Wyld Life Camp"
Thank you Aid The Silent

Jhojan was given hearing aidsOur family is blessed to have found the Aid the Silent

Our family is blessed to have found the Aid the Silent and that Jhojan was given the opportunity to improve his quality of life, school and day-to-day activities with the hearing aids. He is more focused, responds right away when called upon and we are all so grateful for all your help. Thank you. May God continue to help Aid the Silent bless many more children. – Janet

Brennen got his hearing aidsWe are so grateful!

Brennen got his hearing aids yesterday. He did pretty good for his first day. So far the sounds he is amazed by are: His footsteps on the pavement, the crinkle of a granola wrapper, the car tires on the road, the tapping of a pencil on the tale and the sound of himself chewing. Thank you so much for helping this happen.  We are so grateful.

I’m going to campHe is looking forward to camp this summer!

In preschool Kristopher’s speech therapist raised the concern of abnormal speech sounds she couldn’t explain. The ENT found he had very mild loss. This past fall it started to become clear his hearing issues were not mild. Tests showed he had mild to moderate loss. Health tests show his hearing is moderately severe. Genetic testing was done try to find cause of all his hearing loss. We are still waiting on those test results. He is currently adjusting well to his hearing aids. He is looking forward to camp this summer, thanks for helping make it a reality for him.

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