Aid the Silent was created to provide information about living in today’s society as a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual, to learn about Jesus, and to inspire people to embrace their differences.
Aid the Silent is a Texas-based nonprofit that helps deaf and hard-of-hearing children and teens receive equal access to opportunity by providing financial assistance to enhance communication methods; gain access to education resources; and to improve their overall health, both mental and physical, that leads to individual growth socially, educationally and spiritually.

Aid The Silent strives for equality for the deaf community.

What We Do

We raise the necessary funds to provide HOH/deaf children/teens the tools and resources to help them find personal success by providing funds through four divisions: deaf ministry, deaf research, deaf education, and deaf resources.


Why We Do It

Hundreds of children/teens are not functioning at their fullest potential because of lack of resources and funds.  We believe everyone—regardless of disabilities or setbacks—should be given the same opportunity to succeed.


Who We Help

Proceeds collected through donations and fundraising events will go into assisting deaf and hard-of-hearing children/teens.





To be eligible for sponsorships, Aid the Silent requires all applicants send in an audiogram, most recent tax return, and the name and contact info for their audiologist.
*Additional info needed.

We work with local audiologists, speech therapists and ASL instructors to get all qualifying applicants the resources they need.

Device Donors
In addition to monetary donations, we also accept hearing aids and other assistive hearing devices that are new or in good condition. All donations are tax deductible.

Patricia G.

"She is so happy. It was amazing to see her hear sounds she never could hear, finally being able to hear her own voice clearly and the sound of cars passing by. I never realized she couldn't hear all those sounds. Thank you so very much for you and this organization. It is a blessing to my family and all others who need you. Thank you.” – Patricia G.

Cassie’s momI got hearing aids!

If you could only see her today.  It has been a blessing for sure.  I never knew she couldn't hear certain things that we take advantage of everyday.  The look in her eyes when she hears a new sound she could never hear before.  I took her back to school after getting the hearing aides and I look forward to hearing all her stories tonight.  This is huge.  I am so grateful for everything you have done.  Words just can't describe it.  All day its just been tears of joy for me.  She can hear like everyone else now.  She can eat dinner with us tonight and be able to hear everything we say.  That has never happened.  I have attached her picture with her doctor.


Thank you again,


Misty Izaguirre (Cassie’s mom)

AngelaThank You Aid the Silent for opening up our world to greatness!

Hello, my name is Angela, and I have two daughters Spirit and Faith. My oldest daughter Spirit is six years old and deaf. With her being deaf we have had to overcome a lot of challenges, including moving from Cincinnati, Ohio to San Antonio, Texas. This was a very big move for us. But Spirit needed the best doctors and community possible.

On this journey of finding a great deaf community, we found Aid the Silent. This wonderful group of people helped us with learning sign language. With the teacher they provided us, we are learning more than ASL—we as a family are learning how to be a PROUD DEAF FAMILY. We are learning to be advocates for the community. We are learning that knowledge I truly is power. ASL is a language of its own. And with a language of its own comes unity and love within a community.

I am proud to be a mother of a beautiful Deaf daughter. I am even more proud that I can teach her that she is beautiful and smart and she can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens her. God made her this way and he made her perfect!

Aid the silent showed me this by sharing their community with us. We will be going to our first deaf concert “Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival” on May 20, 2017.  We will be able to be in fellowship with other deaf families. My daughters will be able to communicate with other children using ASL. Thank You Aid the Silent for opening up our world to greatness!

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